Sunday, March 22, 2009

Photo Shoots

Some days, I just can't get enough of these beautiful girls. And ANY day that they are both dressed and clean and happy at the same time is worthy of note.
So, here are some darling pics of this morning before church. It makes me wish I knew anything about photography because the picture quality isn't great, but you get the idea. They are gorgeous. Some from the other day of just Lily - I love the classic stomping away while covering her ears because she's tired of me telling her to be happy for the camera. :-)
Also, Lily got this new hat and some shoes and won't wear anything else (unless bribed). I got her after her pajamas were on tonight, but for two days all she's been wearing are the things on the tip top and her tippy toes! And Avery's favorite new game ... hiding in the laundry hamper.
Oh! And of course, showing off my green eggs and ham, rueben rolls, green shepherd's pie and green fixin's for our St. Patty's day fun! Food...I'm obsessed.


KK said...

Yay, someone else is obsessed with green food on St. Paddy's day, whoo hoo! :) LOVE all those beautiful photos of your BEAUTIFUL girls, and the food is awesome! We went simple this year, with green eggs, milk, pudding, and pistachio/shamrock cookies. I made green shepard's pie cupcakes for April Fool's last year. :) Thanks for the awesome update, sis...miss you and love you!

The Askeroth Family said...

The pictures are great! I have to agree, both of your girls are just gorgeous. The St. Paddy's food looks like fun! We thought about doing that but never did it. You guys are such a fun family!

Stacy said...

So what's with Lily's tongue pointed at Avery? Doesn't she like her sis? Or was she tired of photos by then? They are getting so big. Come visit!

T.J. and Jennifer Miner said...

We sure miss you guys! Looks like you are doing well. Your beautiful girls are growing too fast! Bring them to visit sometime or they will forget who we are!

Amber said...

I'm obsessed with food too! Yay for holidays and good excuses to cook fun things.
Love all the pictures. Your girls are beautiful.

Blouie said...

Hello to my beautiful grandgirls.
Ryan and Val will need to lock you up or arrange for a photo session for the next Americas top model.
Hope all is going well for you guys. I know that this is a very tense time as you wait for an offer etc. But I am of the opinion that you are two very talented and even gifted young folks that could succeed
at about anything so just keep your hopes up and an opportunity will present itself.
Love Dad Boothe

Blouie said...

So very beautiful! What fun too! I like to think I passed on the fun food idea :-) but I can't remember what we did this year???

AlanandStacy said...

Val! I'm glad I figured out how to follow you. I can't BELIEVE how big the girls are getting! Lily looks so much like you and they are both so adorable.

Also, you know how you have to do the word verification to post a comment? My word is "pheakedl" which I think we should create a meaning for.